Non Members

  • Research on behalf of non-members will include a $25 basic fee, for the initial request and first hour of research. This is payable by cheque (or through our Online Store, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal), in advance, to CQFHA.

  • Phone, email, Facebook or other sources of research requests will be referred to this process.

  • More complex queries will be undertaken upon your acceptance of our quote, and will be charged at $25 per hour + sundry charges (photocopying etc).

  • To make the most of these services, please let us know exactly what you are trying to achieve, and what you already know. You will find it is very disheartening to have to pay us for information that you already have! Provide the details requested on the Research Request Form, and also provide other information such as Family Group Sheets or Research Checklists.

Email your request to