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Members have the opportunity to attend various Special Interest User Groups.  These groups meet regularly to share common interests and share knowledge and experience.  

These meetings are delivered either by Zoom online or in the Library Rooms.  For example: Do you use FTM or Family Historian?  Perhaps you have experience and knowledge to share with group and learn new things along the way.  

Have you undertaken a DNA test? Would you like to the know more?  Then the DNA User Group is the place for you!

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Our organisation is a non profit self funded organisation by membership fees and fund raising activities and is solely staffed by volunteers.  We are centrally located in Rockhampton and members come from far and wide with a vested interest in the region.  

Join us to unlock your history and preserve your ancestors heritage. 

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Becoming a member offers a host of benefits.  By joining today you will gain  access to a large and comprehensive selection of databases, indexes and other resources.  

Our friendly volunteer staff can offer helpful advice and assistance with your research.