Membership of Central Queensland Family History Association entitles you to the following services:-

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Annual Membership Fees

Annual Period 1st July to 30th June  

Single Membership: $50.00 - an additional $10.00 if journal is required to be posted. 

Family Membership  (at the same address) : $60.00 - and additional $10 if journal is required to be posted 

Subscription - Journal Only : $30.00 within Australia includes postage

Pro-rata fees may be available for those joining part-way through the year  - please contact the Treasurer.

Renewal of fees becomes due on 1 July each year.

Please note* there is a minor increase in membership fees for the next financial year. See membership Form 2024-2025 below  for the details. 

Complete the Membership Form and email it to:

You will be contacted with instructions for payment.